January puns of the day!

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Jan 31: Why do you always miss a tree at a party?

He's always leaving.

Jan 30: Why would you leave a piece of candy in your pocket for later?

It's a long-term invest-mint.

Jan 29: What's a hipster's favorite drink?


Jan 28: Why did the butcher go to the gym?

To stay beefy.

Jan 27: What did the hamburger expert name his daughter?


Jan 26: What's the most flexible food?


Jan 25: How did the facial hair begin all his interrogations?

I mustache you a question.

Jan 24: Why are all the trees friends?

They all get a lawn

Jan 23: Why did the courtroom smell so fresh?

It was full of judge-mint.

Jan 22: What's the most European type of cosmetic?

Nail polish.

Jan 21: Which musician can offer the most food?

Jimmy Buffet.

Jan 20: What kind of car do trees prefer?

Stick shifts.

Jan 19: What did Austin Powers say to the bumblebees?

Oh, behive.

Jan 18: Where did the newlywed dice go on their honeymoon?


Jan 17: What's the cheese that grows annually?


Jan 16: What's the opposite of sad cheese?

Gouda Cheese

Jan 15: Why was the cheese such a tease?

Because it was stringing people along.

Jan 14: What metal is the most law enforcing?


Jan 13: Which author was very diligent about his studies?


Jan 12: How did everyone find out about the new crime spree in the community?

There was a bullet in board.

Jan 11: Why did the cheese do well on its SATs?

Because it was sharp.

Jan 10: What's Fred Astaire's favorite snack?

Puddin' on the ritz.

Jan 9: Why didn't the dress want to socialize with the coat?

The coat was a hanger-on.

Jan 8: Who's the cleanest member of the royal family?

The queen.

Jan 7: How do you write when your pen is sick?

Use your pen's ill.

Jan 6: What's the most electric type of seed?

A bulb.

Jan 5: What's a squirrel's favorite vegetable?

A corn.

Jan 4: How are auto manufacturers like witches?

They both make cars-es.

Jan 3: How do birds conduct science experiments?

They use their beakers

Jan 2: Who is the most aquatic of the friends cast?

David Schwimmer.

Jan 1: Who is the best armed pop star?

Britney Spears.