February puns of the day!

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Feb 28: Why did the orchestra sound fake?

They were a sym-phony

Feb 27: What's a tree's favorite party game?

Wood you rather.

Feb 26: Who's the best author to tailor your pants?

Edgar Allen Sew he perfected his Hemingway.

Feb 25: What was Hercules' favorite subject in school?


Feb 24: What do Italians say about leftover lasagna?

It's in the past-a.

Feb 23: What is Hannibal Lecter's favorite lunch?

Hard-boiled leg.

Feb 22: What did Kanye West say about Taylor Swift's breakfast?

Omlete you finish.

Feb 21: Where do hot curlers let loose?

On a roller coaster.

Feb 20: What container loves the sun the most?

A basket.

Feb 19: What's the slimiest website?


Feb 18: What's the city with the freshest eggs?

New Yolk City.

Feb 17: How do you find out about a funeral?

The mourning news.

Feb 16: What was the librarian's favorite lipstick color?


Feb 15: What is a giraffe's favorite form of affection?


Feb 14: What kind of scientist works with acids and bases?


Feb 13: How does a spider log on to the internet?

He used his web.

Feb 12: What's the sneakiest bug?

A spy-der.

Feb 11: What's the funniest pasta?


Feb 10: What happens when you mix a '90s dance hit with a noodle?

You get the macareni.

Feb 9: What did the driver call his shaggy dog?

A car pit.

Feb 8: Where does the atmosphere store it's pictures?

On the cloud.

Feb 7: Why couldn't the mailbox make up it's mind?

It was on the fence.

Feb 6: What do you say when you walk by a really nice cantaloupe?

What a melon.

Feb 5: How did the magicians become a couple?

Love at first sleight.

Feb 4: What do you call two shoes who love each other?

Sole mates.

Feb 3: What do you say after a bunch of crows leave a crime scene?

There was a murder.

Feb 2: What city has no tiny fruit?


Feb 1: What's a robber's favorite drum?

A steal drum