March puns of the day!

Looking for some laughs? Our puns of the day are here to brighten up your day!

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Mar 31: What state has the most sound pollution?


Mar 30: Which legume lives in the past?

The been.

Mar 29: What did the male bug say to the ladybug?

I spot you.

Mar 28: What's a bug's favorite sport?


Mar 27: What did they call the bug that didn't talk about his accomplishments?

Humble bee.

Mar 26: How did the latrine get his news?

The toilet paper

Mar 25: Which body part is always the same lenght?

The foot.

Mar 24: How do optometrists party?

They go to the eyeball.

Mar 23: What does a rainbow do when it's hurt?

Yell, ow.

Mar 22: What's the saddest color?


Mar 21: What happens when a horse's marriage collapses?

He gets a Difhorse.

Mar 20: How does a guitarist settle up at the end of the night?

Bar tab.

Mar 19: Which fish love to hang out in pairs?


Mar 18: What's the most distant thing in the shower?

A loofa

Mar 17: What do shoes like to say to feet?

Sock it to me.

Mar 16: Which women wear the stretchiest clothes?

Polly and Esther.

Mar 15: Where do monkey couples like to swing?

Monkey bars.

Mar 14: What's the most disgusting store?

A gross-ery store.

Mar 13: How did the government get its hands on more money?

Thumb tax.

Mar 12: What do you call a group of thirty daisies?

A monthy

Mar 11: What's a pessimistic pelican called?

A pelican't.

Mar 10: What's the rudest window treatment?

A curt-ain.

Mar 9: How do the smallest parts of your body communicate?

With cell phones.

Mar 8: What's the most knowledgeable piece of technology?

A facts machine.

Mar 7: Which nut hates money the most?

A cash-ew.

Mar 6: What's the most supportive vegetable?

A bra-ccoli.

Mar 5: What's the most inviting state?

Missouri. It loves company.

Mar 4: What was Darwin's favorite thing about the spice tree?

The origin of spices.

Mar 3: Where do you go to buy cheap electronics?

An outlet mall.

Mar 2: How did the knitting show it was tired?

It yarned.

Mar 1: What family member uses the most curse words?

A cussin'.