April puns of the day!

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Apr 30: What was the fate of the flight risk farmer?

Denied bale.

Apr 29: What did the kid's say to their dad when leaving Iraq?

Don't forget your Baghdad.

Apr 28: What did the librarian's schedule look like.

It was fully booked.

Apr 27: What are a pirates thoughts on needing a spine?

Arr, it holds me back.

Apr 26: Who was the roundest knight of King Author's table?

Sir Cumference.

Apr 25: Why was the oil executive reprimanded?

For crude language.

Apr 24: How does one prepare to visit Prauge?

Czech for your passport

Apr 23: How was the boy after swallowing coins?

No change.

Apr 22: What kind of phones do prisoners use?

Cell phones.

Apr 21: What did the cheating golfers avoid?

Fairway play.

Apr 20: Why was the young horse kicked out of the basketball game?

Too many foals.

Apr 19: What is the best quality of a urologist?

A firing squad.

Apr 18: What's a vampire's least favorite lunch?

A stake sandwich.

Apr 17: Who handles layoffs?

A firing squad.

Apr 16: Heard a joke about amnesia?

Forget it.

Apr 15: How do you ride the bus?

Fare share.

Apr 14: How does a penguin build its house?

Igloos it.

Apr 13: What's the key to riding the bus?

Making sure you pay your "fare" share of the journey!

Apr 12: Why didn't the blueberries want to be planted next to the corn?

Because the corn was a stalker.

Apr 11: Where do people keep their underwear?

In their drawers.

Apr 10: What makes boaters so positive?

They have a canoe attitude.

Apr 9: What color did the bikini model paint her bedroom?


Apr 8: How did the Olympic swimmer clean his hair?


Apr 7: Which goddess keeps her hair the neatest?


Apr 6: Where does garlic go to laugh?

A roast.

Apr 5: Where did the religious rowing team go?

On a crew-sade.

Apr 4: What did Shakespeare ask at the water park?

Tuby or not tuby.

Apr 3: What is the most psychic type of plant?

The palm tree.

Apr 2: Why did the hunter's hair look so good?

He had some great moose.

Apr 1: What's the most jammin' fruit?