June puns of the day!

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June 30: Which clothing item runs out of breath?


June 29: Which piece of meat can you wear?

A skirt steak.

June 28: What are the most aggressive instruments?


June 27: What do you say when a pizza falls?


June 26: How did the knife go through the air?

He sword.

June 25: What does the grocery cashier do when people buy bread?

He bags-uette

June 24: What did the cop say to the criminal wristwatch?

You're under a wrist.

June 23: How do you get a dog to come?

You coll-ar.

June 22: What do sailors tie in space?


June 21: What kind of musicians are best around Christmas?


June 20: What do you call a keynote speaker at a wine convention?

A bottle opener.

June 19: What did the seamstress say when she left her job?

I quilt.

June 18: What did the guy say when he fell down the chimney?

Oh, chute!

June 17: Why was the broom late for school?

He was sweeping in.

June 16: What did they say about the ambitious car?

He had drive.

June 15: Who cleans up the sea?

A mer-maid.

June 14: Why did the fridge hate the freezer?

She was icy.

June 13: Why did the power strip boss around the other electronics?

It was in charge.

June 12: What made the frozen dinner so introspective?

He thawed a lot.

June 11: What's the loudest desert?

I scream.

June 10: What happens when there's a bomb in the water?

An expl-ocean.

June 9: What do you call someone who is obsessed with glue?

A sealing fan.

June 8: Where does ice cream go to drink?

A klondike bar.

June 7: Which cat is the most organized?

A tab-y cat.

June 6: Why did the shampoo scold the soap?

To condition her.

June 5: What's the drunkest candy?


June 4: What's the stupidest candy?

Dum dums.

June 3: Where do Lilly pads resell their valuables?

At the pond shop

June 2: Why did Euclid go to heaven?

To be among the angles

June 1: What planet has the most blood?