July puns of the day!

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July 31: What happens when you run into a window?

You feel the pane.

July 30: How does the sewer feel on a good day?

The sewer feels grate!

July 29: What is the strongest seafood?

The mussel.

July 28: What did the orthodontist say to all his patients?

Brace yourself.

July 27: How do you feel when you eat too much?

Aw, full.

July 26: How did the cat make pancakes?

From scratch.

July 25: What are cats' favorite drinks?


July 24: What island has the tallest men?

Long guy land.

July 23: What's a dog's favorite part of a tree?

The bark.

July 22: What's a cat's favorite sound?


July 21: Which arm wins all the arguments?

The right arm.

July 20: Which olympic athletes have the best hairstyles?


July 19: Which murderer has the best real estate?

Charles Mansion.

July 18: Where do penguins vote?

The polls.

July 17: Which body part has all the info?

The appendix.

July 15: Why did peter pan keep returning to neverland?

Because he was hooked!

July 16: Which dairy product hurts the most?

Whipped cream.

July 14: Why did everyone listen to the scribe?

He was always write.

July 13: Why did no one trust the illustrator?

He was sketchy.

July 12: what is the most direct footwear?

Pointe shoes.

July 11: What's the most rational form of currency?


July 10: How did the glove help the other glove?

He gave him a hand.

July 9: Which food is the chattiest?


July 8: What do you stand on when you make a speech in the shower?

A soapbox

July 7: What's a proctologist's favorite dog?

A poo-dle.

July 6: What ailment did Bridget Jones have?


July 5: What kind of plant generates the most energy?

A power plant.

July 4: Which cat always wins at poker?

The cheetah.

July 3: What's the saddest kind of fisherman?

A Whaler

July 2: What's the most confused flower?

A daze-y

July 1: How do wheels feel after a long day?