August puns of the day!

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August 31: How did February get to April?

He marched!

August 30: How does a math teacher say good-bye?

Calc-you later.

August 29: Which alcohol complains the most?


August 28: What street can you find all the showgirls on?

Broad way.

August 27: What's an ongoing topic among fish?


August 26: What does the old dentist use to help him get around?

A nova-cane

August 25: Which artists hurt the most?


August 24: How did the astronaut make his apartment warmer?

A space heater.

August 23: Who's the most corrupt politician?

The vice president.

August 22: Why were two kids fighting at the prom?

They wanted to beat each other to the punch.

August 21: How were the kittens organized?

Into cat-egories.

August 20: Why was the guy laughing on Halloween?

He was filled with snickers.

August 19: How much does a whale's mouth weigh?

It weighs a ton-gue.

August 18: Why did the wasp kill the bee?

They were swarm enemies.

August 17: What's the most gullible candy?


August 16: What are the most envious desserts?


August 15: How does the devil say hi?


August 14: Why couldn't the spy go to bed?

He was too wired.

August 13: What time should you got to the dentist?


August 12: What do you call artificial intelligence on a boat?

A Row-bot!

August 11: What vegetable begs the most?


August 10: How do you buy a discounted boat?

You look for a sail.

August 09: What reptile loves the cold?

A B-lizard.

August 08: What did the ocean call the sand after a fight?

A total beach.

August 07: How did the director get by when he broke his leg?

He used the cast.

August 06: What did the French fry say to the slow Hamburger?


August 05: Who's the most accommodating R&B singer?

Mary J. O-blige.

August 04: What did the Advil call the moody Tylenol?

A pill.

August 03: Who's your smallest relative?

Your ant.

August 02: What's an ongoing topic among fish?


August 01: Why did Mozart and Bach get in trouble in school?

They were caught passing notes.