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Acorn Rollers

Acorn Rollers

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Roll and play with Acorn Rollers - a game of marbles with a twist! 

Instructions for Playing
•Draw a circle 3 feet (90cm) in diameter on pavement using chalk.
•If indoors on carpet, create a circle using string.
•If there is no free space just use whatever boundary you have. This includes agreed upon imaginary boundaries. As long as the marbles are in a central area and can be knocked out of that area you can play marbles!

Set Up the Game
•Each player places 5 to 10 marbles in the center of the play area one at a time taking turns.
•Decide on whether marbles are returned to each other after the game is over, or kept based on captures.
•Choose your shooter marble, which should be larger than the center marbles.

•Order of play is youngest to oldest.
•When it's your turn, kneel outside the play area.
•Using your thumb, flick your shooter marble out of your fist, aiming to hit marbles out of the agreed upon boundaries.
•If you knock a marble(s) out of the play area, collect them and take another turn.
•If no marbles are knocked out your turn is over.

Continue Playing
•Players take turns until all marbles are out of the play area.

Determining the Winner
•The player with the most marbles at the end of the game wins.
•Either return to each other the captured marbles or keep them for the next game.



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